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 May 2020 

Weekly awards for week 18, May 3-9 2020

pl Laki Plajer has the highest skill with 3060.04

Player with the highest skill

tenshi. has killed the most players (1,954)

Player with the most kills (any team)

Veason achieved the most bonus points (321)

Player that has achieved the most bonus points.

tenshi. has commited suicide the most (10)

Players with nothing to live for

us ^Banita^ has killed the most teammates (51)

Player with the most friendly fire kills (ie: Worst Teammate)

HaZee シ has the highest team kill percentage (15.79%)

Player with the highest team kill percentage.

pl SKLEP wpisz /sklepsms has been online the longest (65:46:30)

Player with the most online time

juliaa has the best demolition percentage of 100.00%

Players with the highest percentage of spawning with and planting the bomb and actually having it explode.

pl Liszka ;D has the most successful bombings (52 bombs)

Players with the most successful bombed targets

`mich@l has the best defusal rating of 87.50%

Player with the best bomb defuses percentage (must have at least 5 defuses to count)

pl dzikQ has rescued the most hostages (31)

Players that risk life and limb to save hostages!